Meet your hosts

Hi lovely people, we’re Anne and Ruben, owners of “The little house under the sun.” Together with our team, we look forward to welcoming you to this magical place! scroll down to read more about us, our philosophy, and this beautiful Cretan adventure!

About us

Time for some introductions!

We are Ruben and Anne, 100% Dutch, but first and foremost, citizens of the world. We’re both very passionate about traveling, nature, hiking, sustainability, architecture, interior design, and turning old houses into eco-friendly-, climate neutral homes.

The sweetness of the village

Ruben traveled all around the globe for work, and I, Anne, lived in many places within Europe, and grew up between Crete and the Netherlands. I have a lifetime love affair with the island, especially with the prefecture of Lassithi. After having managed two big Cretan villas for many years, this house is a welcome addition. Ruben and I wanted to go back to the essence of what Crete really is. I think a lot of people in Western Europe long for the peace and quiet of tranquil villages to act as a counter to our often fast-paced lives and villages such as this one barely exist anymore within our vicinity.

Everything that is important to the soul

The biggest population in the village of Káto Pinés is probably sheep. But my word, is there a sense of community between the people that live there. We have one kafeníon, within 5 minutes’ walk of the house, that serves food and drinks, and on top of that, we have nature in abundance, lemons, figs, and oranges growing on trees. We have kind villagers that put fresh grapes and rakiés on your doorstep, and we bear witness to the magic of a valley that holds everything that is of importance to nurture the human soul. 


‘To spitáki ston ílio’ is perfectly situated in the quiet village of Káto Pinés but rest assured, there is enough entertainment to be found in the surrounding area with the fishing village of Elounda at only a five-minute drive away, and the town of Agios Nikolaos at a fifteen-minute drive.

Discover &

Explore the island of the gods in all its splendour.

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Testimonial anne

‘From a young age, the island has been my refuge. I was lucky enough to marvel at countless sunrises and to swim undeer a myriad of stars. The abundance of nature, sunshine and kindness has had a profound impact on my being. Many an olive tree has heard a young girl whisper of her hopes and dreams and as a grown woman, all I desperately want is for you to experience it too.’